Profiles and Edging

Based on your design needs we can specially create a bullnose for you. The bullnose can be tailored to your specific application be it a pool coping, stair tread or counter top.

A bullnose tile is recognizable because of its characteristic rounded edges. It's seen as an edge treatment or trim piece, and is often used to cover corners or frame the perimeter of a tile design. The bullnose eliminates sharper angles and unfinished tile sides from being visible on your floor or wall. Many tile designs are also available with matching bullnose tiles and if not we can specially make them for you.


Bullnose tiles have a wide variety of applications:


For example, if you're tiling a backsplash or accent wall, unfinished edges that don't match up with the wall will be visible. Placing a row of bullnose tiles around the perimeter of your design yields a more finished look.


For example, a row of bullnose tiles can take the place of a wooden baseboard and give any bathroom floor a finished look.


For example, bullnose tiles can also be used to smooth out sharp edges on bathtub surrounds or countertops. This will not only streamline the overall design but will also help to protect anyone who brushes up against the wall.

Decorative trim

For example, bullnose tiles can also be used as decorative trim or on the top of a half-tiled accent wall.

Different types

Single bullnose, Double bullnose, Half bullnose, Mitred bullnose, Pool coping, Shaped bullnoses, Solid stair with riser, Straight bullnose & corners.

Bullnose tiles are a great option for finishing your tile design and hiding rough edges. Please speak to your LimeGreen representative and discuss the various options and best fit for your project and application.


45º miter

Half Bullnose

Full Bullnose

Bevel Edge

Laminated Full Bullnose

(laminated strip standard 25mm)

Laminated Half Bullnose

(laminated strip standard 25mm)

Laminated Bevel Edge

(laminated strip standard 25mm)

Laminated Flat Edge

(laminated strip standard 25mm)

Laminated Miter

(downstand height as per request)

Laminated Double Miter

(laminated strips 30mm)

Mosaics 100x100mm

Mosaics 75x75mm

Mosaics 50x50mm

Mosaic 100x50mm

Mosaic 150x50mm

Brick pattern mosaic (100x50mm)

Mosaic 100x25mm

Brick pattern mosaic (150x50mm)

Herringbone Mosaic (150x50mm)

2.4mm wide Grooves

5mm wide Grooves