We specialise in supply and installation solutions for all wooden flooring and ceiling requirements, including engineered oak planks, solid oak and various other specialised rare wood products. With pre-oil or oil-on-site options, we are able to provide a timber solution to meet almost any design aesthetic.


Please note that oak is a natural product with inherent characteristics such as varying tonality, colour, knots, veining and other natural imperfections. The images shown below are only a representation of the final finished product, so please always request a colour sample of the final product required before placing the final order. LimeGreen Sourcing Solutions will endeavour to match the final material supplied as closely to the original sample as possible, but due to it being a natural product, it may not be identical. No sorting of materials will be permitted.

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In order to protect your oak flooring, we offer two sealing options. Oak can be sealed with either a Matt Varnish or Clear Oil. Please be aware that each option affects the wood differently and a slight differentiation is final colour is to be expected. Always request a sample for sign-off prior to placing your final order. Caring and maintenance of each is also different – please see our oak cleaning information below.

Should I opt for an Oil or Varnish Sealant?

Once your preferred colour has been selected, it is time to choose your sealant. The sealant is applied after the colour and will protect the wood from the elements (both human and natural).

Clear Oil:

  • Enhances the woods natural beauty by bringing out the wood’s natural grain and colour.
  • Feels more natural underfoot and takes on a life of its own over time.
  • Is easier to sand down and reapply if boards get damaged or faded over time.
  • Requires more maintenance and care.

Matt Varnish:

  • Affects the colour of the wood the least. If you are looking for a raw/natural oak colour finish - this is it.
  • Advisable for homes with pets or small children.
  • Is recommended for areas that receive higher traffic or in areas which are subject to spills i.e. kitchen.
  • Is easier to clean and maintain.


122 - Herringbone

122 x 610 x 15 / 4mm

OAK 122 - Herringbone

90 - Chevron

90 x 600 x 15 / 4mm

190 - Straight lay

190 x 1900 x 14 / 3mm

189 - Straight lay

189 x 1900 x 15 / 4mm

240 - Straight lay

240 x 1900 x 15 / 4mm

260 - Straight lay

260 x 1900 x 15 / 4mm

Herringbone pattern

Chevron pattern

This floor is composed of three layers: a top layer of solid oak and a sub-layer of poplar or birch wood.

The listed number refers to the thickness of the top layer, in mm.

Total thickness of the board.

The top layer of this wooden flooring has a smooth surface structure.

Solid stair nosings matching this floor are available on order.

Solid stair treads matching this floor are available on order.

Tongue and groove system.

Suitable for use with underfloor heating. (max 22ºC)

This floor can be re-sanded.

In this floor there is no bevel between the different floorboards.

Nice mix of wood from ABC and CLASSIC grading, with slight color variations and the occasional knot. Without core defects and with limited traces of sapwood.

Custom Accessories

Special custom pieces also available:
  • Timberwall cladding (solid and engineered)
  • Ceilings (solid and engineered)
  • Stair treads, insets and skirtings (solid and engineered)

It is very important to care for your oak floors correctly. As oak is a natural product it is sensitive to anything applied to it and especially sensitive to water. Under no circumstances should a standard bucket and mop be used to clean the floors. Depending on whether you have an oiled or varnished floor you will need to use different products to clean and maintain the oak. Oiled floors require more care and maintenance especially in the first few months after installation. After installation is complete you will be issued with a cleaning kit and instructions on how to care for your specific finish be it oil or varnish. If you are unsure, please contact your LimeGreen representative to find out the correct cleaning and maintenance methods for your oak floor.

For care and maintenance guides, please download the following attachments: